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Boat Music to Enjoy

Music is an inspiring thing, as is boating. When boating and music come together it can create a perfect harmony that can affect and impact your life and daily activities positively. Maintaining your boat is an important task. Making sure you have the right equipment (such as having quality marine speakers that can survive the elements) is just as important. Music just adds to having a great boating season. Having an updated playlist of boat music to enjoy over your marine speakers should be easy to come up with. You have to make your music work for you, but the following are a few songs to get you started.

Boat Music Playlist

These songs are really in no particular order, but this list includes music that can be perfect for waking up, getting motivated to get a move on, for enjoying your time on the water, and for your journey home.

“If I Had a Boat” by Lyle Lovett – This song can be perfectly swaying if you don’t know whether or not you want to go boating on a particular day. In the song Lovett sings about yearning for a boat and what he would do with it.

“Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys – Originally a mariner’s and old folk song from the early 1900’s, this song is invigorating and a fun one to listen to.

“To Live is to Fly” by Townes Van Zandt – While there are some sad undertones, one of the main messages of the song is to live your life to the fullest. Why not do some of that on a boat?

“And It Stoned Me” by Van Morrison – Influenced by a fishing trip, this song covers the beauty of the water and how inspiring it is.

“Boats” by Kenny Chesney – This entire song is about the beauty of boats. Enjoying the beauty of your boat shouldn’t be too hard when you take it out on the water.

“The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin – From one of the greatest albums of all time deemed by Rolling Stone Magazine, Houses of the Holy, this song will get you pumped up. “Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean’s roar”.

“Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude” by Jimmy Buffett – A song that encourages going to new places and traveling. What better way to do that than by boat?

“Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash – While this song is supposedly about sailing the world after a failed relationship, it is still a great song to listen to once you hit the water.

“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles – How could this not make the list? Especially for those of you with children, this is a great and fun song to enjoy and sing along with.

“Redneck Yacht Club” by Craig Morgan – This song is perfect for when you find that spot in the afternoon that you want to just hangout and jump in the water.

“I’m On a Boat” by The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain – With fun and silly song with lyrics like “do you have your swim trunks and flippy floppy’s?” this number is sure to get the party started if that’s your thing.

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles – When you are coming home after a day of sailing, this song is excellent for when dusk is settling in. A relaxing yet fun song.

“Come Sail Away” by Styx – Although this song is actually about aliens, it offers a theme about reflection. After a day on the water, meditation and reflection can be a great thing.

“Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison – The lyrics do all the talking for why this is an excellent song to enjoy while boating. “…Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly…”
Music is a great way to set the mood for and during your outing. Keep in mind that breaks between songs are beneficial because it won’t overstimulate you and it leaves room for conversation, as well as the ability to appreciate the next couple songs on your playlist. Upbeat music can get you pumped and ready to go, although you don’t want to overdo it because that energy could turn into anxiety. Soothing songs will help give you a feeling of calm. The songs you choose to listen to on your boat are your choices and yours alone.

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