Atlantic Yacht Basin has 85 years experience!


Atlantic Yacht Basin has decades of experience restoring newer boats damaged in storms or accidents as well as bringing new life to historic vessels with unique pasts and value.

Using quality parts and materials and painstaking attention to detail, our talented crew restores boats of all sizes and all conditions of repair. No restoration is too complicated and few boats are too far gone for us to tackle.

Most importantly, our expertise and skill plus our convenient one-stop storage and repair facility enables us to restore your boat in a staged and logical way, that ultimately leads to better results in less time.

From pilot boats to trawlers, historic wooden yachts to modern cabin cruisers, commercial vessels to private pleasure boats, Atlantic Yacht Basin can perform a full range of marine restoration services on a wide array of restoration projects.

We invite you to come by and walk the Yard. Check out the great projects we currently have underway or ask us about the best ones from the past.

Atlantic Yacht Basin maintains great respect for history, but our teams are fully up-to-date on the latest marine systems and hardware.

So whether you want to restore a boat back to its best condition or update a historic vessel with newer systems and amenities while preserving its value and charm, we are the trusted choice of captains, owners, insurance companies and managers everywhere.

To get more information or a free quote, please contact James Taylor at (800) 992-2489 or info@atlanticyachtbasin.com.