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Repairing and Maintaining Your Boat or Yacht

Almost each and every man-made object will fail at some point. The degree of said failures can determine when it is time to repair something or move on. Electronics, appliances, cars, and boats all require maintenance, and without needed maintenance, your boat may not last as long. Repairs can be tricky to navigate- expenses, trustworthiness of the repairers, and time can all be factors that affect repairs. The following are some general tips that may be able to help you through the maintenance and repair process.

Maintaining Your Boat and Yacht

Wash your boat regularly, especially if you boat in saltwater. Saltwater can have damaging effects on your boat’s hardware (particularly the metals your boat is comprised of). Cleaning your boat is fairly easy and requires marine boatwash (or car wash or laundry soap) plus time to brush and rinse your boat.

Be sure to regularly monitor your fluids. Fluid analysis helps to check the life of your boat’s mechanical systems and how they endure the elements: heat, friction, stress, pollutants, and the like.

Follow a schedule. Keeping tabs on all of the small components helps in the long run for the lifespan of your boat. Avoid those unusual noises or engine failures by following a set checklist that includes practices such as regularly adding oil, conducting a fluid analysis, watching the gauges, checking the propeller, etc.

Repairing Your Boat and Yacht

Consider your budget. Get a written estimate and make sure the repairer you go to gets your authorization on each repair that must be made. Boats are expensive, but you can keep your purse strings tight and still fix your boat. Written estimates help you to approximate costs, while ensuring authorization can prevent the shop from drowning your budget should unexpected problems arise.

Don’t be hasty, stay in communication, and follow a plan. Create a work order and completion date to keep things on track. Make sure that the shop keeps in contact with you throughout the repair process. Repairs take time and money. If you are unhappy with your repairs, talk to the shop and see if they can make it right. Don’t be quick to judge. Should they decline to help out, head to another shop and see what can be done.

Get help with big problems, but know when it is time to walk away. Complex repairs should be assessed. Work with a marine surveyor before settling on such a big decision. If the marine repairer you are contemplating giving your business too seems uninterested in helping you out or fails to meet your basic requirements (you can’t have everything your way), it may be time to walk away and find another shop.

No one wants to break down when they are having fun and enjoying their time on the water.  Don’t be discouraged with repairing and maintaining your boat. It takes time and money, but in the long run will help your boat run smoother and last longer.

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